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             supports you to quit smoking!

In collaboration with WeQuit,

Liberty Global supports colleagues

in quitting smoking.



Because a smoke-free company not only means vital employees, but also more peace of mind in the workplace.

Stop Smoking Guidance

WeQuit supports Liberty Global with the stop smoking program through video calls. As a participant, we schedule you for six sessions with one of our coaches, six weeks in a row, when it suits you. If desired, colleagues or other people close to you can also participate in the treatment. It is known that this significantly improves the success rate to quit smoking permanently.

How it works:

Before we start the program, WeQuit will contact you and explain how it works to quit smoking and what the pitfalls are. During this intake, we will make a personal stop plan with you and find a suitable starting date for the program. Also you will receive a workbook that guides you trough the program.

In our six weekly video calls, you will have a 1 hour session that will help you to quit smoking. We can also help you with medication if this is appropriate for your situation.

Free treatment

Quitting smoking is free. Your participation in the WeQuit program is almost always reimbursed by health insurersOnly a few health insurers will only partly reimburse the WeQuit program.

If you are in doubt, please contact your health insurer.  

Want to participate?

Would you like to participate in the program? Then register, using the form below and mention that you are participating via Liberty Global. You will receive a confirmation email directly. WeQuit will call you to schedule a date.

Other questions

Do you have questions about the program? Please contact WeQuit by emailing  or call +31(0)85-1124367.

Good luck!



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