Kill two birds with one stone
Quit smoking and earn €50,-

The University of Amsterdam (UvA) wants to study the effects of behavioural therapy in people who want to quit smoking. Do you want to quit smoking? This is now even more attractive. The smoking cessation program of WeQuit will be 100% reimbursed by your health insurer, and if you participate in the UvA study, you will also receive a reward of €50*.

What do you need to do? Sign up via the form below, and we will contact you to give you a bit more information about the WeQuit program, as well as the UvA study linked to our program.

WeQuit program: 100% reimbursed by your health insurer – customer graded 9.1 – video calls from home – 2500+ smokers have already quit

About the study


At the University of Amsterdam a new study recently started, in collaboration with WeQuit. The goal of the study is to determine to what degree behavioural therapy helps when quitting smoking. We will do so by having people who are receiving behavioural therapy at WeQuit, complete a few questionnaires and perform certain computer tasks. After your intake with WeQuit, you will receive an invitation for the study per e-mail. The study will be completely online.


 If you choose to participate in the study, you will be assigned to one of four different study groups. This has no influence whatsoever on the behavioural therapy that you receive from WeQuit. The study will be a bit different for each study group. However, all groups will be asked to complete survey-questions and computer tasks at least three times, during the period that they receive WeQuit therapy. For the computer tasks, you will see words and sentences related to smoking, reasons to quit smoking, and/or the consequences of smoking. You will then be instructed to perform a certain action with your computer mouse, as quickly as possible (for instance: click on a certain word as fast as you can). In addition, we will contact you after 3 months for some brief, final questions about your smoking.


If you participate in our study up until the end, you will receive the €50 reward once you have fully completed both the WeQuit program and the UvA study. In addition, we will have a lottery among all participants of the study, with prices to win (iPad & vouchers).


Your contribution will help increase our knowledge of behavioural therapy and quitting smoking, for which we would be very grateful!

Yes, I am interested in participating!

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*You will receive the €50 reward if you fully completed both the WeQuit program and the UvA study.

Watch how the WeQuit method works in this video.

Watch Ynta’s experiences and how she stopped thanks to WeQuit.

Why WeQuit

online video calls

guidance by psychologists


immediately start stopping

94% stop during the program

customer rating 9.1

individually and in groups

reimbursed by insurers

stop from home


including aftercare

100% reimbursed

WeQuit is accredited by the quality register.
That is why WeQuit is reimbursed from your base-insurance.

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