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Have you quit smoking before but did not succeed? Or do you dread it and are you afraid that you will not keep it up?

At WeQuit we believe that the success of our approach lies in our personal guidance. You don’t have to do it alone. We also hear this from our customers. More than 2500 smokers have already quit successfully!

Many Dutch people find it difficult to quit smoking

In the Netherlands, 23% of the population over the age of 18 smokes, which is more than 3 million people. The majority of smokers would like to quit and approximately 1 million smokers a year make an attempt to quit. Less than 10% of those are successful without help.

The most successful method

The highest success rate is achieved by smokers who seek help to quit smoking. The combination of professional counseling and nicotine replacement drugs is most successful. Because this has been scientifically proven, health insurers reimburse this guidance. That’s how the WeQuit method works.

The WeQuit Method

How it works

To help you quit successfully, we tackle physical and mental addiction. This guidance makes it easier to take the step to a smoke-free life. The process consists of 3 phases.


Intake and stop plan

Everybody is different. That is why we look at your personal smoking behavior and make a plan that suits you.

Quit with guidance

In six online sessions we will help you through the first phase of quitting and work on a plan to prevent relapse.


Permanently quit

Because quitting permanently is the most important thing, we will talk to you again after 6 and 12 months. In this way, we also ensure long-term success.

WeQuit together

We help you to quit smoking in small groups through videocalls.  Because you do it together, the chances of quitting increase strongly.

Why WeQuit

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including aftercare

100% reimbursed

WeQuit is accredited by the quality register.
That is why WeQuit is reimbursed from your base-insurance.

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In an initial meeting, we discuss your smoking history, we immediately work on a quitting plan and give you all the tools you need to start a smoke-free life.

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